Aurora Spine launches MIS EOS interbody system featuring TiNano


Aurora Spine has launched another new product in its line of next-generation minimally invasive surgery lumbar lumbar interbody cages. EOS is the company’s modern, minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) system featuring TiNano titanium spray coating technology. A company press release reports that TiNano coated PEEK-OPTIMA cages will allow for the possibility of bone ongrowth due to its porous structure.

“The minimally invasive surgery EOS interbody system is a fundamental part of Aurora’s expanding TiNano Interbody portfolio,” said Bryan Okamoto, Aurora Spine’s engineering manager. “Using a traditional TLIF approach, the EOS system features cages with a self-distracting nose and an articulating cage inserter which aids in establishing optimal cage placement in addition to all the benefits of the TiNano coating. The addition of this new system will continue to solidify Aurora’s TiNano Interbody products in the marketplace.”

The TiNano surface is created by thermal spray technology of Titanium particles to support osseointegration. TiNano coated cages provide several advantages including: additional roughness and porosity, increased possibility of bone ongrowth and enhanced radiographic visibility. TiNano will be available on all Aurora interbody cages, including cervical, PLIF, OLIF, TLIF, ALIF and LLIF.