Aurora Spine launches minimally invasive Vox lateral interbody system with TiNano


Aurora Spine has launched a new product in its line of next-generation minimally invasive lumbar interbody cages. Vox is Aurora Spine’s modern, minimally invasive lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF) system featuring TiNano titanium spray coating technology. The company says that the TiNano-coated PEEK cages will allow for the possibility of bone ongrowth due to its porous structure.

The first surgery using the device was performed by Daniel Williams at First Health Moore Regional Hospital in Pinehurst, USA. “I perform many lateral lumbar procedures each year. The Aurora Spine Vox system is easy to use and I believe the TiNano coated interbody cages provide my patients with a quicker path to recovery,” he said.

The combination of the Vox TiNano coated cage along with the Zip Ultra minimally invasive fixation implant together make up Aurora Spine’s Screwless Procedure. The company also notes that all Aurora Spine products are pre-packaged sterile.

“Aurora is changing spine surgery,” said Trent J Northcutt, Aurora’s president and chief executive officer. “We designed the Zip interspinous fusion system and TiNano coated interbody cages to improve spine patient outcomes, drive continued surgeon interest, and bolster our relevance as a key innovator in spine. Aurora Spine’s minimally invasive Screwless Procedure is designed to provide unique benefits that deliver value to hospitals and patients around the world.”