Aurora Spine announces first surgery using Zip graft bone dowel


Aurora Spine Corporation has announced the first US surgery using the Zip graft pre-packaged sterile bone dowel. The surgery was performed at Madison County Hospital in London, Ohio, USA by Won Song.

“We are very excited to see the Zip graft used in conjunction with the Zip MIS fusion device. The allograft bone dowels are designed and sized to fit into our devices thus creating an integrated fit every time,” states Doug Johnson vice president of Sales, East.


The Aurora Zip graft is a cancellous allograft, available in various sizes, designed to specifically fit into the Zip MIS interspinous fusion system. Zip graft is gamma irradiated and packaged sterile for immediate use.


Originally released in Europe as a pre-packaged sterile synthetic bone dowel composed of tri-calcium phosphate, available for international use only, Zip graft will also be continuously commercialised throughout Europe.