Atlas Spine launches expandable cervical interbody fusion device

HiJAK AC cervical interbody fusion device (Atlas Spine)

Atlas Spine has announced the successful completion of its 50th surgical procedure and over 100 devices implanted with its new HiJak AC expandable cervical interbody fusion device. The company has now moved to its full product launch.  

According to a press release, HiJak AC is the first expandable cervical IBFD on the market to offer adjustment to both height and lordosis to easily and predictably restore the spine to its more natural curvature (lordosis) and balanced sagittal alignment.

“It’s not just about fusion anymore. As studies and clinical evidence continue to show, the value of restoring lordosis and global sagittal balance to the cervical spine is becoming more widely recognised and prioritised by spine surgeons today. With implant options that can achieve as much as 20 degrees of angulation, HiJak’s expandable capability plays right into this surgical objective. This kind of mechanical advantage was unavailable to surgeons prior to the introduction of HiJak,” says Matt Baynham, Atlas’ CEO.

“HiJak truly represents a disruptive technology when it comes to both height and lordosis restoration especially at the cervicothoracic junction. It has given surgeons the opportunity to improve their patients’ chin-brow angle much better than we were ever able to accomplish with non-expandable technology,” stated Kees Poelstra, director of the Spine Center of Excellence at Sacred Heart Hospital (Destin, USA).


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