Astura Medical announces partnership with Academy Medical


Astura Medical and Academy Medical recently announced their partnership for contracting within the Department of Defense (DoD) and VA.

According to a press release, Academy Medical’s goal is to provide sales channels, via contracts, to appropriate medical and surgical vendors, ultimately creating a streamlined, more efficient process for government purchasing agents.

Astura Medical’s partnership with Academy Medical will help advance their penetration into the VA and DoD marketplace—resulting in better healthcare for our veterans and active military members and their families.

When looking for businesses to collaborate with in order to provide best-in-class technology to hospitals and physicians, Ryan Isham, vice president of Med/Surg at Academy Medical, said, “It is our goal to partner with manufacturers that can provide the solutions, currently and in the future, that can help us provide value to the government while increasing the level of care veterans, active duty military, and their families receive. Through our partnership with Astura, we will be able to further deliver on that goal.”


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