First ASC in southeast USA purchases Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance system


Baptist Medical Park Surgery Centre, an ASC facility in Pensacola, Florida, USA, announced that it has successfully completed their first SI Fusion procedure with the recently purchased Mazor Robotics Renaissance system. 

“The acquisition of the Mazor Robotics Renaissance system is going to provide patients with the full advantages of spinal surgery with robotic guidance systems all from the convenience of an outpatient facility. By creating a customised plan for each patient’s anatomy, we can enhance the precision and control in a variety of spine procedures. This technology enhances my ability to complete complex procedures with the industry’s most minimally-invasive techniques, which has always been the core value at Neuromicrospine” says Mark Giovanini, who is using the technology for all SI fusions procedures.

“We acknowledge Baptist Healthcare and Baptist Medical Park Surgery Centre for their commitment to a robotic spine surgery programme. Mazor believes that with Baptist Medical Park Surgery Centre being one of the first outpatient facilities in the Southeast USA to offer outpatient Mazor Robotics procedures, more patients may benefit from Renaissance technology for spine procedures,” noted Christopher Prentice, chief commercial officer of Mazor Robotics. “With the Mazor Core technologies demonstrating clinical value and predictability, surgeons are converting complex and variable procedures to simple, minimally invasive, routine procedures.”


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