ArthroCare launches Quantum Pump Arthroscopy System in Europe


ArthroCare has announced the European launch of its new Quantum Pump. The device integrates joint fluid management, radiofrequency wands, and mechanical shaving instruments into one console.

“We’re very excited about the European launch of the Quantum Pump,” said Jack Giroux, president of ArthroCare Sports Medicine. “We’re proud of the fact that it is genuinely the first system of its kind – designed to both improve operating room efficiency and patient outcomes by intelligently integrating all the main functions in the arthroscopic procedure into one system.”

The device provides surgeons with independent control of flow and pressure, and a built-in outflow tracking system to ensure constant volume of fluid to the operative site. Other elements of the Quantum Pump’s design include joint selection settings which can be pre-selected for pressure, flow, Smart Vision and Outflow Tracking preferences. The Smart Vision preference can regulate flow and/or pressure when blood and debris are detected. The display screen offers multi-lingual instruction ideal for the European market.

ArthroCare intends to seek a 510k clearance for the pump later this year to facilitate a launch in the US.