ApiFix system reaches 100-patient milestone

ApiFix system
ApiFix system

The ApiFix system has now been used to correct scoliosis in 100 patients with a first case at the Paul Gerhardt Diakonie hospital in Berlin, Germany. The 100th case was Miguel Alquiza’s first time implanting the ApiFix system. According to a press release, the procedure took about an hour with excellent results.

The ApiFix system is a minimally invasive, fusionless spinal implant system for the correction of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. According to the release, the ApiFix system can be implanted with a minimally invasive procedure, does not require fusion, and retains flexibility of the spine.

ApiFix has opened new European clinical centres in Italy, Germany and France in the first half of 2016. The 100-patient clinical experience in Europe and Israel now includes twelve sites in nine countries, with the earliest patients having sustained good overall results for up to four postoperative years. The company expects to double the number of cases by the end of 2017.