ApiFix connects North American parents with European spine surgeons using their scoliosis-treating system


ApiFix has begun connecting the parents of children in Australia, Canada and the USA who have adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) with spine surgeons in Europe and Israel currently using the ApiFix system to treat AIS.

“Today’s standard for scoliosis correction in children and adolescents…is the most aggressive and invasive procedure in spine surgery,” says Uri Arnin, CEO. The ApiFix system, which is available in Europe and Israel, is a less invasive procedure than the current gold standard, according to a clinical study of the system. “There are many drawbacks to the current gold standard of AIS surgery, which are almost nonexistent with the use of ApiFix,” concludes the study, which was published in Scoliosis.

The lead author of the study, Yizhar Floman, director of the Israel Spine Center, Assuta Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel, and past president of the Israeli Spine Society, says, “The scoliosis curve correction at up to three years follow-up is substantial for the children who have been treated with the less-invasive ApiFix procedure.”