AO Foundation rolls out AO Global Data spine sub-registries


AO Foundation has announced the launch of a variety of spine-specific protocols as part of its large-scale novel multinational registry, AO Global Data.

AO Spine members now have the opportunity to participate in AO Global Data. AO Spine Knowledge Forums endorsed protocols across the areas of deformity, degenerative disease, trauma, and tumour. These provide both highly specialised and more general access to comply with data collection standards, and precisely track an array of pertinent spine conditions.

AO Global Data is designed to enable doctors, clinics and hospitals to compare their performance against a global repository, determine indicators for patient improvement or poor outcomes, improve workflow, conduct multinational research, deliver data-driven marketing and leverage data for reimbursement.

The AO Global Data spine roll-out will start in North America, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, followed by other regions in phases.

Robert McGuire, AO Foundation president, said: “AO Global Data allows you to optimise your spine practices by transforming patient outcome data into value for you, your team, the hospital or clinic you work in, and most importantly your patients.”

Ali Hussam, CEO and co-founder of OBERD which partnered with the AO Foundation on the initiative, added: “We are very excited to launch these well-defined, new spine protocols that expand the reach of AO Global Data and broaden our support within the AO community.”


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