Amedica receives new patent for an artificial disc


Amedica has announced that it has received a new patent for an artificial disc, which uses the company’s proprietary silicon nitride ceramic material, to treat neck and back pain. 

According to a company press release, the artificial spinal disc implant is unique in its design, material and construction. It added that this design is a distinct differentiation from existing metal-on-plastic or metal-on-metal designs. By leveraging silicon nitride, Amedica’s artificial spine disc implant has the potential to provide patients with increased longevity of the implant due to lower wear, better osteointegration and reduced infection rates.

“The purpose of this artificial disc is to increase the likelihood that a patient will have longer lasting neck or back pain relief,” said Bryan J McEntire , chief technology officer, Amedica. “Over time existing designs wear and create metal or plastic debris that can cause osteolysis resulting in revisions. By using silicon nitride we can significantly reduce wear rates thus improving the longevity of the pain relief.”