Amedica introduces the Valeo II lateral lumbar interbody fusion device system


Amedica has released its silicon nitride lateral lumbar interbody fusion device—the Valeo II device— which will be commercially available in mid-September 2015, and will include second generation instrumentation to improve patient safety and surgeon ease of use.

The Valeo II is indicated for intervertebral body fusion of the spine in skeletally mature patients and is designed for use with autograft to facilitate fusion.

“With the release of our new lateral system, we are now able to offer an additional lumbar solution to our line of second generation silicon nitride interbody devices,” said Sonny Bal, chairman and chief executive officer of Amedica. “Initial feedback from our beta users has been positive and we are very pleased to offer this lateral interbody fusion device system, which provides surgeons additional procedure options and allows Amedica access to one of the fastest growing segments in the lumbar fusion market.”

The Valeo II is made of a micro composite silicon nitride biomaterial, which Amedica says “offers a superior environment for bone growth and osteointegration, when compared to competitive PEEK and titanium offerings.” Amedica’s Valeo II silicon nitride interbody fusion devices also contain anti-infective properties and are semi-radiolucent with clearly visible boundaries in X-rays and produce no artifacts under magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography scans. The combination of these properties is found only in Amedica’s silicon nitride biomaterial technology.