Amedica announces launch of new facet joint implant


Amedica Corporation, a spinal and reconstructive implant and instrument manufacturer, focused on proprietary silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic technologies, has announced the launch of Procet, a new spinal implant for the treatment of patients who suffer from low back pain caused by spinal stenosis.   

The Procet Facet Allograft Implant system has a dual-hemispherical shape that limits motion while providing distraction. It is designed to remain stable in the joint, to increase the potential for fusion. This procedure provides surgeons a percutaneous, less invasive, early-stage treatment, which is particularly beneficial to elderly patients for whom more extensive open surgery may present too great a surgical risk.

Eric K Olson, president and CEO, said: “The launch of the Procet system is an example of Amedica’s commitment to further expand our line of innovative facet products to support our surgeon customers and the patients they treat. Procet, in addition to our other facet products, showcases our company’s strength in developing state-of-the-art, minimally invasive medical products.”