Alphatec Spine launches Neocore osteoconductive matrix in the USA


The first patient surgical implantation of the Alphatec Neocore osteoconductive matrix—a synthetic scaffold for the regeneration of bone—has been successfully completed. The company will be showcasing Alphatec Neocore at the upcoming North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting (14–16 October, Chicago, USA). Alphatec Spine will be located at booth 1147. 

“Alphatec Neocore provides surgeons with the handling characteristics and osteoconductive composition they have been looking for in bone grafting products,” explains Jim Corbett, president and chief executive officer of Alphatec Spine. “Alphatec Neocore will expand our biologics opportunity —both in the USA and internationally. This exciting new global biologic brand will give us the ability to operate more broadly in the global marketplace, bringing a compelling synthetic bone regeneration solution and competitive pricing to our surgeon and hospital customers worldwide.”

Alphatec Neocore is a synthetic scaffold that is designed to provide an effective core environment for bone growth. When hydrated with patient bone marrow aspirate, Alphatec Neocore becomes a complete bone graft, which possesses all the necessary components of bone growth. Engineered to perform like natural bone, Alphatec Neocore’s composition and porosity provide the benefits of rapid revascularisation throughout graft and supports replacement of three-dimensional matrix with healthy new bone growth.

Alphatec Neocore was developed by Thomas T Haider, founder of the Haider Spinal Center in Riverside, USA. In July, 2015, Alphatec Spine established a global, exclusive development and distribution agreement with Haider Biologics for Alphatec Neocore osteoconductive matrix, as well as other future products developed under the agreement. Alphatec Neocore is exclusively distributed through the Alphatec Spine distribution channels.