AlloSource launches new micro fibres demineralised bone allograft for spine procedures

AlloFuse micro fibres (AlloSource)

AlloSource has announced the addition of AlloFuse micro fibres demineralised bone allograft for use in spinal, foot and ankle or other orthopaedic procedures.

The micro fibres are made of 100% demineralised cortical bone and do not contain any form of carrier. The company say that the product can be formed into tightly compacted shapes to fill small boney voids and provide an osteoconductive scaffold with osteoinductive potential to support bone fusion.

The short fibre size eliminates cutting or mincing, reducing unnecessary work, as well as time in the operating room and may be used in combination with biologics or autograft tissue as directed by the surgeon, add AlloSource.

Kevin Whitten, AlloSource’s chief commercial officer, said: “Based on surgeon feedback, we realised there was a need for shorter demineralised bone fibres to answer an unmet need for our customers and their patients. Maximising the gift of tissue donation, we developed micro fibres that are mouldable and formable, allowing surgeons to maintain desired shapes, especially in small spaces.”


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