Age UK calls on practitioners to host bone boosting activities for Falls Awareness Week 2012


Age UK is urging practitioners to help older people boost their bones for Falls Awareness Week 2012 (18–22 June 2012). People working in the NHS, social care, housing, care homes and community organisations, can help people in later life look after their bone health by holding local Falls Awareness Week 2012 events to promote activities that help reduce the risk of falling. 

The Falls Awareness Week will highlight the importance of exercise alongside a balanced diet rich in calcium and getting enough Vitamin D through sunshine to build and maintain healthy bones, helping to prevent falls and fractures later in life. Older people will be encouraged to take part in a whole range of local activities during Falls Awareness Week 2012 to learn how to look after bone health all year round, from taking a walk and getting out in the sunshine for ten minutes to exercise such as Tai Chi.

Michelle Mitchell, Charity director general, Age UK, said: “As we get older our bone strength naturally deteriorates, which puts us at greater risk of serious injury if we do fall. During Falls Awareness Week, Age UK wants everyone working with older people to think about the events and activities they can host. The aim is for participants to discover the importance of getting out in the sunshine and incorporating calcium and sources of vitamin D in their diet, as well as finding out more about simple ways to introduce strength and balance exercise into day-to-day life.”

For more information about how to host a local Falls Awareness Week event call 0800 169 87 87 or click here.