Aesculap launches spine device warranty for PlasmaporeXP-coated interbodies

Aesculap TSpace XP interbody system

Aesculap has announced a new warranty program on its established portfolio of surface-enhanced interbodies for spinal fusion. This warranty announcement coincides with the launch of the TSpace XP interbody system, treated with PlasmaporeXP surface enhancing technology.

The warranty offers participating facilities a device replacement in the instance of a reoperation because of clinically-relevant delamination or the generation of impaction debris or a computed tomography or magnetic resonance artefact caused by the device that impedes a physician’s ability to visualise adjacent anatomy.

This marks the first facility risk-share agreement on a titanium-enhanced PEEK interbody in the spine industry warranting against both delamination of a surface enhancement and the ability to visualise an implant without artefact.