Aesculap introduces the ProSpace XP lumbar interbody system


Aesculap Implant Systems has introduced the ProSpaceXP Interbody System for PLIF procedures.

The ProSpaceXP fuses two proven materials, a PlasmaporeXP osteoconductive porous titanium coating and a PEEK-Optima radiolucent core, that Aesculap says deliver enhanced implant stability, artifact-free imaging, and an optimal, osteoconductive scaffold for fusion procedures.

The design of the ProSpaceXP interbody combines teeth and the PlasmaporeXP surface coating, enhancing implant stability and migration resistance. Additionally, PlasmaporeXP maximises the contact area between the implant and vertebral endplate, offering surgeons the ideal scaffold for a stable fusion. A company press release states that ProSpaceXP incorporates the benefits of the PlasmaporeXP coating, which delineates implant contours during imaging, with X-ray marker pins for intraoperative positioning and verification.

Aesculap recently released an ovine study that focuses on the advantages of using PlasmaporeXP coated PEEK interbody implants. The study indicates that PlasmaporeXP coated implants have significantly greater pullout strength and bony ingrowth when compared to uncoated PEEK implants at 12 and 24 weeks. It also concludes that the PlasmaporeXP coating presents a biomechanical advantage by providing initial stabilisation as well as long-term advanced stability. The study author, Boyle C Cheng, explains that, “Due to the optimised surface coating, the device supports excellent interbody fit and also long term bony apposition. It is clear that the PlasmaporeXP coating provides good initial stability with superior long term results.”