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Study suggests augmented reality could be widely applied in spinal surgery

Microscope-based augmented reality (AR) can be applied successfully to various kinds of spinal procedures, and improves anatomical orientation during surgery, as well as offering...


Is there a bright future for endoscopic spinal surgery?

Yingda Li and Michael Wang consider the increasing interest in endoscopic techniques in spinal surgery. The authors describe how endoscopic techniques have been incorporated...

Education in spine care during COVID-19

Jonathan Rasouli (Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, USA) details discussions at the Virtual Global Spine Conference (May 5), which hosted key opinion leaders to discuss the...


Bernhard Meyer (Munich, Germany) and Henry Halm (Neustadt, Germany) discuss spinal navigation—specifically any increased risk in radiation exposure and if that risk is offset by the potential benefit of an increase in precision of pedicle screw placement. The two physicians...


Alex Vaccaro

Margareta Nordin in spine care

Margareta Nordin

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