75th patient treated with the PerX360° Percutaneous Lumbar Fusion System


Interventional Spine has announced that it has successfully completed 75 implants worldwide using the PerX360° Percutaneous Lumbar Fusion System for the treatment of degenerative disc disease. 

The PerX360° system is a combination of Interventional Spine’s state-of-the-art products, including the Opticage expandable interbody fusion device, the Optiport percutaneous tissue dilation instrument, and the Bone-Lok transfacet-pedicular compression device. When used together, a complete 360° fusion can be performed through two 12-15mm incisions, in less than 30 minutes per level, and in an outpatient surgical setting.

The Opticage is infinitely adjustable within its working range of 9mm to 14mm. The Optiport, which is designed to navigate safely past the exiting nerve roots, is eccentric and telescopic and has the ability to perform a foraminoplasty to increase the size of the vertebral foramen.

According to a company release, to date, 40 US spine surgeons from 15 states have been trained on the system. The company has also trained 22 minimally invasive spine surgeons from Spain, Germany, Italy, UK, Mexico, Chile, the Dominican Republic and Brazil.

“I have treated nine patients with this system and the results have been excellent. Patients definitely appreciate the small incisions needed for the surgery and the relatively quick recovery times. The difference in lumbar pain levels on a before-and-after basis is instantaneous,” said David L Greenwald, Flagler Brain and Spine Institute in St Augustine, Florida.

Mark Flood, Laser Spine Institute, Tampa, USA, commented: “This technology has provided surgeons at Laser Spine Institute, and spine surgeons from around the world, innovative solutions to bring our patients relief from back and neck pain. Laser Spine Institute has embraced this technology as a way of providing new surgical options to bridge the treatment gap and better meet the needs of patients who are looking for an alternative to traditional open spinal fusion.”