4WEB Medical unveils new Lumbar Spine Plating Solution

Lumbar Spine Plating Solution

4WEB Medical has announced the initial launch of its Lumbar Spine Plating Solution (LSTS-PS), with the first procedures performed by James Lynch, neurosurgeon and CEO of Spine Nevada at Renown Medical Center (Reno, USA).

Lynch said: “By adding a lumbar plating system to 4WEB’s existing interbody device offering, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to investing in further development of an already comprehensive lateral portfolio. When using 4WEB’s Total Lateral Solution, I have the confidence that I can treat patients both safely and effectively.”

In addition to the plate launch, the company also recently introduced dedicated Anterior-to-Psoas (ATP) instrumentation. Collectively, these launches represent the company’s focus on developing procedural solutions and providing surgeon partners the necessary tools to address various patient pathologies.

Jim Bruty, senior vice president of sales and marketing at 4WEB Medical, added: “The launch of the Lumbar Spine Plating Solution is a significant milestone for 4WEB. The company’s lateral portfolio is currently 4WEB’s fastest growing product line and with the addition of the universal plating system, 4WEB will continue its rapid growth trajectory in 2021 and beyond.”


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