4WEB Medical launches new hyperlordotic lateral implant range

4WEB’s Hyperlordotic LSTS Implant with Lumbar Plating Solution

4WEB Medical has announced the launch of an array of hyperlordotic lateral implants, utilising the firm’s proprietary Truss Implant Technology.

Brad Prybis, an orthopidst at Tanner Medical Center (Carollton, USA) who conducted the first procedure, said: “The application of 4WEB’s Truss Implant Technology within the lateral spine space has positively impacted my practice over the years. The new hyperlordotic implant offering, combined with an already comprehensive lateral portfolio, expands my treatment options for patients who need more extensive sagittal balance correction.”

The newest addition to the Lateral Spine Truss System (LSTS) will include implants with 18°, 24°, and 30° lordotic angles to be used for complex spine correction in anterior longitudinal release procedures.

According to 4WEB Medical, these implants, combined with its Lumbar Spine Plating Solution, allow for more cost-effective treatment options and reduce the need for larger, more invasive posterior corrective procedures.

Jim Bruty, senior vice president of sales and marketing at 4WEB Medical, added: “The launch of the hyperlordotic lateral implants is the latest in a string of high impact product launches that have fuelled record growth for the company.”


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