4WEB Medical announces launch of 3D-printed Posterior Spine Truss System


The US market launch of the Posterior Spine Truss System by 4WEB medical has been announced at the North American Spine Society annual meeting in Chicago. This system is a line of interbody fusion devices with applications across posterior spine approaches including PLIF, TLIF, and Oblique procedures.

Encompassing 150 implants, the Posterior Spine Truss System affords surgeons a wide range of options that provide an optimal match for each patient’s unique anatomy, according to 4WEB. S. Babak Kalantar, chief of orthopaedic spine surgery at Georgetown University Hospital says, “the expansion of 4WEB’s novel truss implant technology into posterior spine procedures will allow me to utilise an implant with proven clinical benefits across the majority of spine surgeries that I perform.” 4WEB claims that the implants provide novel functionality such as a biconvex web structure that distributes the load over a larger surface area at the endplate interface to minimise subsidence.

4WEB also has FDA cleared implants for cervical and anterior lumbar procedures.  The company was the first medical device manufacturer to commercialise a 3D printed spine implant in the U.S. 

According to Joseph O’Brien, medical director of minimally invasive spine surgery at George Washington University Hospital, “these patented structures were not even possible to manufacture at this scale until only a few years ago”. Since 2013, close to 6000 of 4WEB’s 3D printed truss implants having been used in surgery worldwide.