10,000th US patient treated with AxiaLIF lower lumbar fusion technology


TranS1, a pioneer in less invasive approaches to lumbar spine surgery, announced that the 10,000th US patient has recently been treated with its AxiaLIF lower lumbar fusion technology.

According to company records, the pivotal case was performed on 11 June 2011 by Serge Obukhoff at Pacific Hospital in Long Beach, California, USA. “I am impressed by how much the technology has advanced since our first AxiaLIF surgery in March 2008. In today’s surgery, we had the option to use the second-generation AxiaLIF 1L+ device, as well as TranS1’s new inflatable bowel retractor, new disc space preparation tools and pedicle screws, none of which were available three years ago,” Obukhoff commented.

“The achievement of the 10,000 patient milestone demonstrates market acceptance of our technology and establishes AxiaLIF as a long-term participant in the lumbar spine fusion market,” said Ken Reali, president and CEO of TranS1. “Our ongoing R&D efforts are focused on the improvement of our instruments and implants and we continue to generate new clinical data that consistently demonstrates the safety and efficacy of our approach and implant.”

About AxiaLIF


The AxiaLIF (Axial Lumbar Interbody Fusion) system includes surgical instruments for creating a safe and reproducible pre-sacral access route to the L5-S1 vertebral bodies. The AxiaLIF technique features novel instrumentation to enable standard of care fusion principles, distraction and stabilisation of the anterior lumbar column while mitigating the soft tissue trauma associated with traditional lumbar fusion through open surgical incisions.


About TranS1

TranS1 is a medical device company focused on designing, developing and marketing products that implement its proprietary approach to treat degenerative conditions of the spine involving the lower lumbar region. TranS1 currently markets the AxiaLIF family of products for single and multilevel lumbar fusion and the Vectre and Avatar posterior fixation systems for lumbar fixation supplemental to AxiaLIF fusion.